Create Conversation Session

Create conversation session



Conversation tokens allow client-side applications to create a unique, authenticated credential for each conversation. This token can be used to interact with the conversation/{conversationId}/send, conversation/{conversationId}/receive, and conversation/{conversationId}/message/create routes on By creating an individual token for each conversation, a client-side application is able to directly access and manipulate the conversation through these routes. Without conversation tokens, a client-side application would need to authenticate and access ChatBotKit conversation routes through a server-side application, which can be more complex and require additional infrastructure. By providing a way for client-side applications to authenticate and access the conversation routes directly, the token route simplifies the process of integrating with and makes it more convenient for developers to build chatbot applications.


ChatBotKit API Secret * Required

HTTP Authorization Scheme: bearer

Path Parameters

conversationIdstring* Required

The ID of the conversation

Request Body * Required

Request Body Schema: application/json


The maximum amount of time this session will stay open

curl -X POST "{conversationId}/session/create" \

-H "Authorization: Bearer $CHATBOTKIT_API_SECRET" \

-H "Content-Type: application/json" \

--data-binary @- << EOF {
The session was created successfully